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Bacon, Leek, & Goat Cheese Pizza, ya’ll

okay, so I steal recipes that my friend jessica shares on google reader - all the time. i mean, technically i’m not stealing them from her, since she’s just sharing other people’s blog posts, but she’s the finder and i’m the keeper! so, thanks, jess, for your constant cooking inspiration.

this recipe was, how do you say?, out of control. bacon. leeks. goat cheese. pizza. deal with it.

i split the pizza in half and did a basic red sauce on one half since i obviously lack a certain faith in my recipes until after i’ve tasted them. however, i could eat the bacon and leek pizza every day forever and ever. amen.

here’s what i did: i bought pizza dough at a nearby pizzeria for, like, $3-$5. (i know, this is supposed to be a cooking blog. shut it.) then i, like, followed the directions entirely and made myself a tasty pizza.

but the takeaway is, you can saute anything in white wine, butter, cream and bacon fat and it will taste like the most perfect thing you ever ate. so i’m gonna start doing that every time i’m hungry. see also: a good excuse to keep wine on hand always. amen.

here’s the exact stolen recipe, in all its perfection:

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